I get asked questions about food blogging regularly. So I created some sort of FAQ page. I hope I covered some of the most frequently asked questions in this post.

How long have you been blogging?

I’ve been blogging for two years. My blog is all about my collections and self-created recipes. I absolutely love to share recipes that make our body healthy.

Can’t anyone start a blog?

Not everyone has the passion for blogging. Commitment and determination are the keys to successful blogging.

How do you make money from blogging?

There are a lot of different ways on how to earn through blogging. Some run advertising or affiliate links. Some become an ambassador for brands or do a sponsored post.

Do you have any tips about food blogging?

I have been enjoying this (cooking) for a long time and I find it easy to share those recipes when I blog.

Are you a trained chef?

No. I am a home cook. I love collecting and creating recipes that are nutritious and delicious. I am so happy when I share healthy recipes that give nutrients to maintain health, feel good and have energy.