Lobster Salad in Endive

This is one of my favorite appetizers. I usually prepare this during summer or New Year’s Eve. It is very easy and affordable. You can also add cooked shrimp or crabmeat if you want to. Lobster is very high in protein. When compared to a steak, it has less fat and is perfect for low carbohydrate diet.


Endive is a leafy vegetable that is not commonly used but it has high nutrients like fiber, folate and vitamins A and K. It is known to have bitter flavor but crunchy. It is served as a scoop on which you can put your lobster salad.

More about lobster:

  • Lower in cholesterol than skinless chicken breast
  • Has ten to twenty percent of the USDA’s daily recommended value of potassium, selenium, zinc, phosphorus, copper, and vitamin B12
  • Contains a high amount of Omega 3 fatty acid which is beneficial for heart and brain


Potassium aids in the relief from stroke, blood pressure, heart and kidney disorders, anxiety and stress. It also enhanced muscle strength, metabolism, water balance, electrolytic functions, and nervous system.

Selenium has antioxidant properties to aid the immune system and thyroid gland and may also help prevent heart disease. It is naturally present in water and some foods. It plays a key role in the metabolism.

Phosphorus aids in having a proper kidney functioning and minimizes arthritis pain.  Without a sufficient amount of this mineral in the body, the kidney can not function well.

Zinc is for the treatment and prevention of zinc deficiency like stunted growth and acute diarrhea among children and slow wound healing.

Copper helps prevent premature aging. It also regulates heart circulation, balanced thyroid glands, lessens symptoms of arthritis and cholesterol count, fast healing of wounds, increased red blood cell formation.

The vitamin B12 is essential for healthy nerve and red blood cells.  It is used to treat pernicious anemia that is due to vitamin B12 deficiency which is found commonly in older people.



1/2 avocado or grapefruit

3/4 pound fresh cooked lobster meat, small-diced

1/2 cup good mayonnaise

1/2 cup small-diced celery (1 stalk)

1 tablespoon capers, drained

1 1/2 tablespoons minced fresh dill  or fresh lime juice

4 heads Belgian endive

Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Peel then chop the avocado into cubes
  2. Steam the lobster meat then cook and cut into bite sized pieces
  3. Combine the lobster, avocado, grapefruit, mayonnaise, celery, lime juice, salt, and pepper. Adjust salt, pepper and lime juice as needed.
  4. With a sharp knife, cut off the base of the endive and separate the leaves.
  5. Use a teaspoon to fill the end of each endive leaf with lobster salad. Garnish with chopped chives.

This recipe makes 24 appetizers; serves 6 to 8.