Why Should You Include Seafood In Your Diet?

Seafood is absolutely good for your health. Crabs, prawns, squid, and octopus contains vitamins, minerals and fish oils. These plates of seafood also contain Omega 3. It is a key fatty acid that makes the heart healthy. The body cannot make significant amounts of these nutrients, so seafood is an important part of one’s diet.


Vitamins and minerals

Seafood is a great source of vitamins and minerals that play an important role for the body to function well. Oil fish is a rich source of vitamins A and D. This is essential in the growth and development of children. Additionally, white fish is a good source of vitamin B. All seafood are an excellent source of minerals namely potassium, selenium, zinc, and iodine. Iodine is a food for the brain and our thyroid glands. Zinc maintains your reproductive organ healthy. Selenium can help protect you against cancer.



Seafood is an excellent source of protein. Protein-rich fish and shellfish can help to nourish your muscles, as well as warding off colds and flu. Foods which contain a high amount of protein tend to be low in calories while keeping us fuller for longer. A quarter of your meal portion should be protein rich food. Restaurant portions which tend to be a bit smaller than the regular ones are perfect. You can eat alongside wholemeal bread and salad to balance the meal.


Though seafood contains a huge percentage of minerals, it is very low in salt and sodium. Most people consume too much sodium which is linked to high blood pressure and heart disease. Make sure to plan for a meal that can help you lower your salt intake and boost your health.

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What’s in a Crab?

The high amount of Omega-3 it contains is really the best thing about crab. This fatty acid has anti-inflammatory properties. This is good for people who are suffering from arthritis and reduces blood pressure. Moreover, it has also selenium which is a powerful antioxidant and trace mineral. Crab is also low in calories. It has only 128 calories in 100g and saturated fat which makes it good for the heart.

For more information about the health benefits of Omega-3, please watch the video below: