The Truth About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal can be done on any part of the body. Thanks to the technological advances, there is a machinery adapted to the softest hair and the most sensitive areas such as the upper lip, cheeks, ears, nose, and forehead.

A professional laser hair removal treatment is one of the most sought after treatments in cosmetic centers, and now that the number of treatment is increasing, there are some questions, and myths arise. Like for instance, can you sunbathe after a laser session? What is the effect of this technique on the tanned skin? So, we want to solve all your doubts so that you can have soft legs all summer and do not have to worry about body hair during your summer vacation. Below are truths about the treatment so that you can have a relaxing mind when you are decided to undergo this kind of treatment.

Know the truth with the below statements:

Laser hair removal does not harm the skin if it is performed by professionals with the right machinery and adapted to the type of hair and skin. It is also essential to follow the recommendations of the experts to ensure a perfect result. With this treatment, you can compare the before and after hair removal appearance of your skin.

Laser radiation does not affect health, as it is a particular radiation that does not accumulate in the body, so it has no adverse health effects.

Yes, laser hair removal removes hair permanently. With this, you are advised that you must follow the instructions of the professionals regarding the hair cycle and the necessary sessions. However, it never hurts to do annual maintenance sessions.

Yes, laser hair removal works on tanned skins and beautiful blond hair. There are machines specific to all types of fur and hair, also for brown skin and beautiful hair and blond, so during the summer, you can use this technique.

If you have beautiful hair and blond hair you can also shave with a laser because the treatment does a gentle hair removal process. As for skin tones, there are specialized machines in beautiful and blond hair so that anyone can get a perfect result.

You should not sunbathe during the days following a laser session. Although some devices allow sunbathing one or two days after epilation, experts recommend full protection and do not expose themselves for long periods until fifteen days after a session. Hence comes the false myth that it is not possible to use the laser during The summer since many see more comfortable doing it during the winter and having to take fewer precautions.

Laser hair removal is not expensive because if you compare it with other methods that force you to periodically shave your entire life, it is a highly profitable investment.

If you are thinking of resorting to laser hair removal this summer and for the rest of your life, it is normal to have doubts about which device or technique is best for your hair type. So, the best thing you can do is ask directly the professionals of the sector, distributors of apparatus, and solve all your doubts without any commitment.

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